Podle Nejvyššího soudu se nepodařilo prokázat, že obžalovaný chtěl svým jednáním zastrašit obyvatelstvo nebo donutit vládu k určitému jednání či opatřením. Případ se nyní vrátí k Okresnímu soudu v Košicích.


According to the decision of Slovakian Supreme Court Ladislav did not commit terrorist act and thus his process will begin all over again.

In 2012 Ladislav was accused of illegal possession of arms, manufacturing of explosives, and terrorism. He was sentenced to 25 years (!) for bombing in front of a McDonald’s in the city of Košice on December 28th 2011. There were no casualties nor injuries and no substantial material damage.

Police traced him in a few days thanks to CCTV at the place and because of more than one year old connection between him and producer of timer that was found at the crime scene and also mail communications between Ladislav and the manufacturer. During a house search police found materials related to ALF and components for another bomb.

„Factual state was determined correctly, but it was wrongly evaluated legally. It is a criminal offense of general threat. Common criminality was judged as a terrorism,“ Supreme Court stated.

According to the Supreme Court, it was not proven that the defendant wanted to intimidate citizens or to force the government to certain behavior or action. Tha case will now return to the District Court in Košice.