Sabotáž lovu jezevců

Lov na jezevce posvěcený vládou UK započal svou další sezónu a i tento rok se sabotéři činí v lovných oblastech, kde poškozují pasti a zachraňují jezevce. (Video od Liverpool Hunt Sabs, Manchester Hunt Sabs, Stop the cull a Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs.)

Badger released from cage trap

***Badger released from trap*** Found close to the sett this badger was clearly stressed inside the trap, frantically trying to escape. We believe the owner of the woodland has refused access but clearly the scum will stop at nothing to slaughter Cheshire's wildlife. LHS is dedicating this release to our fondly missed comrades Gilly Peachey and Jo 'Badger' Robertson, whose tireless work sabbing the Krebs trial badger cull in the Sout West, LHS gave much practical support to. These two brave, compassionate women taught our group much of what we know about sabbing badger culls today.

Posted by Liverpool Hunt Sabs on Freitag, 22. September 2017

Thermal imaging eqpt doesn't just help find shooters. Another trapped badger lives to forage another day. Didn't want to leave their peanuts though!Thanks from those who found the badger to the HSA for the kit. You can donate to help us continue to do our bit here

Posted by Manchester Hunt Sabs on Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

Gone in 60 seconds.

another cage in a maize field! when will the farmers learn??flattened and bent in under a minute!Keep the pixies strength up you for supporting us, likes, comments and shares are all good for helping to spread the message, if you want to get involved, there is something for everyone of all abilities:

Posted by Stop the cull on Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

Devon badger release 2017

The cull in Devon is now underway. Despite difficulties thrown in our way, we were reminded of the exact reason we are down here when we released this beauty with friends from West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs. The last, and possibly first, badger that ever entered this cage. Please consider donating to help both groups continue protecting wildlife up and down the country. Sheffield West Yorkshire

Posted by Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs on Freitag, 15. September 2017

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